Northfield Bass Pro Shops Showcases Diverse Group of White Customers

bass pro shopsIt’s the time of year when parents seek the best place to get their kids a quick meeting with Santa Claus. Oftentimes for Stapleton residents, this happens to be the Northfield Bass Pro Shops. “It’s so close by, and they have all sorts of things to offer,” said Stapleton mom Amanda Jones. “They have a carousel, crafts, a train, toy cars, and of course, your kids get to meet Santa and get a picture with him. It’s actually really great.” Megan Richardson of Stapleton also enjoys taking her kids over to Bass Pro Shops to have a meet and greet with Saint Nick. “We go every year,” said Richardson. “The kids love running around and looking at all the overpriced, Bass Pro Shops emblazoned toys. It’s a great and convenient way to get the kids to see Santa before Christmas as well.” With the weather turning, many Stapleton residents take their kids there for entertainment purposes. “It’s like going to a free amusement park,” said Brian DeGroot. “They have boats, four wheelers, tents and toys, along with live fish and ducks and lots of stuffed wild animals everywhere. Did I mention it’s free? Sometimes I’ll buy a coke on the way out, however.” The entertainment aspect of Bass Pro Shops is wonderful, but the true hidden gem is enjoying some good ol’ fashioned people watching of the dynamically diverse population of white people that come in and out of those doors on a daily basis. “It really is a lot of fun seeing the customer base that comes in,” said DeGroot. “All sorts of different people, from up and down the socioeconomic spectrum. All white of course, but still entertainingly diverse.” Most definitely, Bass Pro Shops caters to the upper income white Stapleton resident, all the way down to the common white trash that are Nebraskans. “It has to be one of the most unique places in the country in that aspect,” said Richardson. “Usually, when you go to retail shops, restaurants, bars, etc., you see a commonality based on socioeconomics, but oftentimes will see different ethnicities within that particular income bracket. With Bass Pro Shops, you see all sorts of different levels of income, but only white folks.” So as you head out to Bass Pro Shops this December, go for the Santa Claus, but stay for the white people watching. ]]>

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