Resident Waits Patiently for Snow to Melt from Sidewalk

snow covered sidewlkTypically when snow falls in Denver, it gets back up to 50 degrees within two days, clearing all of the snow from our paths. Unlike the Midwest or the Northeast, the snow doesn’t come and stay for three months. In those areas, homeowners are forced to go out and shovel the snow from their driveways and sidewalks, as they know snow and ice won’t be moving on its own until late March or early April. So, it’s rare that Denver residents are immediately concerned about shoveling snow from their sidewalks, knowing it will melt away, oftentimes within 12 hours. Sometimes, however, the weather report calls for consistent cold temperatures with possible snow for several days, meaning Stapleton residents feel obligated to clear a path on their section of the sidewalk as well as their front and back stairs and porches. “I saw this last break that the weather just wasn’t going to get any better,” said resident Paul Gill. “So, I put all my stuff on and went out and did some old fashioned manual labor. It actually felt quite good. Like I actually did something.” David Heller shoveled his walk, albeit for different reasons. “My wife complained and said I needed to get out there and shovel the sidewalk,” said Heller. “I kept thinking it would melt like it usually does, but I guess she was right for once. Glad I did it as there are a lot of icy patches in other places.” Some residents just don’t have the patience of Lee Jepsen. “I see all of these people out shoveling their sidewalk after one day,” said Jepsen. “Then, of course, more people after two days, and three days, and so on. The way I was brought up was that good things come to those who wait. I mean what’s the hurry? Eventually, it is going to melt. So, what’s the rush for? Some people just don’t have it. Maybe it’s genetic. I don’t know. What I do know is that I am in no rush to shovel that sidewalk. It will melt. You just have to be patient.”]]>

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