Stapleton Mom Admits Best Parenting is Behind Her

moms best parenting behind herStapleton mom Carrie Crum has done a tremendous job raising her two kids. She has been actively involved in every aspect of their lives and has worked hard to put them in the best positon to succeed. “I have tried to make sure I did my best so they could have a lot of opportunity in their lives,” says Crum. “Whether it’s cooking healthy meals, working with them on their homework, or taking them everywhere in Colorado, it has just been important to me to be the best parent I can be.” Crum has done about all you could expect out of a parent. But, recently things have started to change. “I don’t know if it is them getting older or me getting older,” laments Crum. “But, I think I am getting tired, and not necessarily putting in the effort I used to.” Crum says she is not paying attention to the details like she used to. “I let them watch more TV than I used to, maybe don’t play as much with them as I used to, and just feel like I am not as on top of things as I used to be.” Crum admits it may simply be that she is burning out. “I feel like I put so much in for so long,” says Crum. “Maybe I think I deserve a little ‘me time.’ I don’t know. But I’m certainly not in the parenting zone like I used to be.” Crum feels some of it is simply the age of her kids. “My kids are 9 and 11 now,” says Crum. “At this point, they are going to be who they are going to be, right? There’s just not much more I can do. They have school, their friends, and their extracurricular activities. It’s not like I’ve totally given up. It’s just that my best parenting is behind me.” Crum feels she may turn things around a little bit when her services are needed again. “I think was the kids get into high school I will have to step it up again. But, until then, I guess I’m kind of coasting.”]]>

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