Stapleton Mom Running “Totally On Time”

mom running totally on timeIn the rarest of circumstances, Stapleton mom Shannon Skaggs, who normally is running a bit behind, is running completely on schedule. “I really can’t believe this,” said Skaggs. “I don’t ever recall not feeling rushed or harried. I’m pretty comfortable right now.” Skaggs said she had several small tasks to accomplish around the house, as well as get the kids to school, go to the grocery store, and of course go to yoga. But amidst all of that, Skaggs says she is actually ahead of schedule. “I’m not really sure what I did differently. I certainly need to look into it, because it is a pretty good feeling.” Skaggs says typically she is sprinting out the door while yelling at the kids as she runs in and out of the house to grab backpacks, lunches, and other miscellaneous items. “It gets pretty crazy in the mornings,” Said Skaggs. “Then I always realize there is some other thing I am supposed to do, whether it be helping at school, bringing an extra snack for the class, sending something out for the soccer team, it’s always something. So, typically, stress levels are high from about seven in the morning until about 5:30 at night.” Somehow, on this day, things worked out perfectly for Skaggs. “I’m more at peace than I’ve been in two years. Now I just need to figure out what went differently and how I can duplicate it.” ]]>

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