Stapleton Picks “Snow-Wall” Fight with Aurora

snowwall fightStapleton residents have long been hoping for additional security in Stapleton, and much of what they want is simply keeping Aurora residents out. “I’m not saying I want a gated community,” says resident Aaron Lane. “I just want a community where only people who live here can enter and exit. I don’t like all of the in and out of those who aren’t Stapleton residents.” Many members have asked SUN and the MCA to do something about visitors from the outside, but nothing has changed. “This problem isn’t new,” said resident Kevin Ditchman. “We have been pulling for some sort of security for a long time, but nothing has changed. So, a lot of us took it upon ourselves this week to do what we could.” Through social media, residents banded together to make connections with private snowplow companies and used their own shovels to block off several of the through streets in Stapleton with giant snow mounds. Many of the mounds reach 10 feet high and are 15 feet thick. “We know it’s not going to last,” said Ditchman. “But, if anything, it sends a message. And maybe it can even slow down crime for a little bit. Maybe it will change their traffic patterns and they will drive around Stapleton like the old days.” Resident Geoff Plakke says it shows the community is united on the issue. “If we as a community are willing to do something on our own, we should get the support of the MCA, SUN, and the City of Denver,” said Plakke. MCA President Liza Kampstra says the MCA does not condone community members altering city streets. “There is a right way to do things, and this isn’t it,” said Kampstra. “This is not how we get the City of Denver and the City of Aurora to work together.” In fact, several residents are extremely annoyed with the wall. “Aside from the fact that it is highly illegal, it is also really annoying,” said resident Stacey Melton. “People from Stapleton take that route all the time to get to places across the border. So, inconveniencing hundreds of Stapleton residents just isn’t the answer.” For now, the City of Denver says it will let the issue run its course. “We aren’t going to deploy snowplows to remove the walls at this time,” said City Maintenance Spokesperson Brian Kleese. “We aren’t going to waste our funding on something this petty. It doesn’t completely disrupt traffic, so we won’t make any changes at this time.” It is unclear if Stapleton residents will use a snow blockade in the future. “Hopefully this gets the point across,” said Ditchman. “And maybe the next wall will be made of a slightly harder material than snow.” Snow or no snow, it seems Stapleton will continue to give Aurora the cold shoulder.]]>

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