Bus Driver “Just Wing It” Strategy Unsuccessful

The first week of school did not go very smoothly for parents whose children ride the bus. The summer went by so fast, that drivers and administrators did not have time to appropriately plan the routes, pick-ups, and school drops before the first day of school. The drivers and administrators met over beers at Hooters the Wednesday evening before the first day of school to decide how things would be done. “The school year kind of snuck up on us,” said route planner Chris Clapp. “We hadn’t even looked to see what schools were up and running, and how many buses we were going to need, etc.” After several hours of beers and wings, very little progress had been made. “It’s really a lot of information to pour through,” says Clapp. “We have to know stops, times, number of stops, which schools, efficient routes, pick-up times, where to drop. The more we went through it, the more we wanted to just give up.” The team did not give up, however, mostly due to the can-do attitude of one of the drivers. “People were getting frustrated, and also distracted because of the boobs,” says Toby Sullivan. “I finally was able to get everyone’s attention and get my suggestion heard.” That suggestion was the now infamous “just wing it” strategy. Essentially, drivers would all have a neighborhood, and kind of just drive around, and if they saw kids, they would pick them up. Once on the bus, the drivers would ask the kids what school they went to, and how to get there. “Initially, the strategy was fairly sound,” says Clapp. “But we didn’t plan for kids not knowing which school they were going to, or accidentally picking up kids that were walking to school.” Kids ended up getting to school late, going to the wrong schools, while others were left at bus stops. “Moving forward, we will definitely try to get a few things done over the summer,” said Clapp. Driver Sullivan was given a small raise.  Although the plan did not work, it is the effort that counts.]]>

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