New Teacher Getting Plenty of Help

When Brett Price accepted the teaching position at Bill Roberts Elementary in Stapleton, he was very excited, but also understood the challenges that come with teaching at a public school.  “Teaching at a public school in a major metropolitan area is always going to have its challenges,” says Mr. Price.  “What I didn’t predict was the outpour of support we would get from the community.  Mom’s from kids in my classes, and even moms of kids not in my classes have offered to help and be paras in the classroom.  In fact, I actually have a wait list for paras right now. It’s great.” The former college lacrosse player who has also done some modeling for sports equipment companies believes that this type of parent support will definitely produce strong results in the classroom. “Some parents have even offered to come over in the evenings to go over the next day’s lesson plans. I never expected this.” Mr. Price came highly recommended from his previous school, Ithaca HS in Michigan, although they were disappointed to lose him.  “Parents were always tremendously involved in his classes,” says his former Principal Gloria Campbell.  “He was an absolute pleasure to be around.”  The Bill Roberts PTA also gave glowing reviews of Mr. Price and seemed to be enamored with him.  “The minute we saw him, we all wanted him,” said Roberts PTA President Helen Clifford.  “We were so excited when he accepted the position.” The school is hoping this energy rubs off on the rest of the teachers and they are able to capitalize on the early momentum Mr. Price has started.]]>

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