SMIS Starts off on Wrong Foot with Different ZIP Code

When the new school began construction, there was some controversy immediately due to its location. Many EaWe (former Eastbridge) residents had purchased their homes with the belief that the school would be built off of Iola in the east part of EaWe. When that did not occur, many residents were disappointed. Residents eventually got over it, and moved on to another topic to complain about. When it was announced that the school would be built near Quebec Square, close to the bustling street of E 35th, parents again questioned the decision-making. “We wanted kids to be able to walk there, but we can’t have kids walking near a street that is essentially as busy as the avenue of the Americas,” said concerned parent Jen Grossman. Again, parents were eventually able to overcome this gross oversight. Then, came the floor-plan. An underwhelming number of parents were dis-pleased with the floor plan, but were not able to get enough momentum to change the already in place and agreed-upon architectural plans. Parents also added concerns regarding not offering such languages such as Canadian or African. Again, these concerns were quieted, and the school was poised for a non-controversial opening. Any remaining hope was dashed when parents innocently put the school into their GPS devices and realized that the school is in the 80207 ZIP code, and not the 80238 ZIP Stapletonites are so accustomed to. “We left Westerly to make sure our child had advantages other children did not,” said parent Heather McGlaughlin. “If you are not in an 80238 ZIP code, you will not have great opportunities. What are we going to tell our friends?” Many parents are already scrambling to get their kids back into the schools they left. School officials said they are aware of the problem, and are working with the zoning committee to get the school included in the 80238 ZIP code.]]>

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