83% of Stapleton Moms Now Selling Rodan + Fields

Rodan and FieldsThe popular skin care product line Rodan and Fields has been around for almost 15 years, and has thousands of independent consultants all over the country. The products promise to help clients to help slow aging, hide unsightly skin discolorations, and help women with make-up prep. Overall, the products get fairly positive reviews from clients. Rodan and Fields originally launched on QVC, but now is focused primarily on multi-level marketing from independent consultants. Multi-level marketing is not new to Stapletpon, as several residents have sold diet supplements, food plans, make-up kits, etc. What makes Rodan + Fields unique in Stapleton is simply the large number of independent sales consultants selling the products. “It seems like everyone is selling Rodan and Fields products,” says resident Alli Harris. “It’s kind of annoying because it’s really hard to avoid. I think at least two people in Stapleton approach me each week about getting into selling Rodan and Fields. I appreciate what they are doing, but it just gets to be a little much.” Amy Zarfis, a Rodan and Fields independent consultant says she just wants what’s best for her clients. “I know what these amazing products can do,” said Zarifis. “I have seen the results, and I want all of my friends, and their friends, and their friends to get the results me and my clients have seen.” For more information on Rodan and Fields products, contact any one of your neighbors. ]]>

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