Residents Want Eastbridge Soopers to be Totally Different; Except for the Fried Chicken

king soopers fried chickenStapleton residents have been clamoring for a different grocery store for years, and are finally getting one. Sort of. Residents were originally angered by Soopers signing the contract to become the grocer in Eastbridge, but eventually calmed down after they found out about some of the business that are soon to follow. “I was really disappointed at first,” said resident Julie Graham. “But, then I realized there are going to be all these great places in that area, so just build the damn thing and we can move forward.” Resident Joel Hancock agrees. “I’m just excited to be done with it,” said Hancock. “Being able to walk to get breakfast, lunch, or a beer is going to be great. I’m fine with whatever grocer gives me my eggs, bread and milk at this point.” To Sooper’s credit, they plan to build a much more tailored store for the Stapleton residents. “It’s going to be unlike any store we have,” said Soopers project lead Matthew Propp. “We are going to have an ample selection of organic items, a store layout that makes sense for the customers, and even some on the go healthy items from our deli, which we plan to be mouse-free.” Soopers has done several focus groups to learn what residents are looking for, and oftentimes, what they are not looking for. “Many times, it has been easier for residents to tell us what they don’t like about the Quebec store,” said Propp. “And, we certainly have been able to learn from that build those criticisms into our design plans.” The one thing Propp says residents do not want changed is the fried chicken. “Overwhelmingly, individuals in our focus groups have told us they want to keep the fried chicken as is,” said Propp. “In fact, some have gone as far to even say that if it was between a totally different store and different fried chicken, and creating the same store, they would choose the same store.” Resident Chad Mason agrees. “It may be the best fried chicken in Denver,” says Mason. “I mean, I have had fried chicken from other King Soopers, but somehow, someway, this one has the best.” Propp says due to the feedback, the fried chicken will remain as consistent as possible. “I’m sure there are some factors involved that may change it slightly, but overall, we will do our best to keep it the same.” ]]>

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