Stapleton to Ditch High School and Phase in Elementary School

phasing elementary school into high schoolThe Northfield High experiment appears to be over, as DPS officials have decided to phase a sixth Stapleton elementary school into the current facility, and phase out the high school over the next two years. “We gave it a shot didn’t we,” said DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg. “After careful consideration, we decided to go back to what Stapleton is good at; elementary schools.” Boasberg says the current high school will stay in place, more just to take up space as the elementary school grows. “We don’t want some big, empty facility,” says Boasberg. “We are going to work on a transition plan for our high school students. But, our main focus will be growth for the new school.” The new school, Inspire Elementary, looks forward to the transition. “We will certainly do our best to work with the current tenants,” said Principal Kevin Drenner. “But, in the end, we do view this as our facility, and will act accordingly.” Drenner believes the new school will grow quickly, and eventually use most of the space originally plotted as a high school campus. “We do not plan on having large class sizes,” said Drenner. “However, our method is a lot of group learning, so although our class numbers will initially be small, we will need the space. We are very excited about this opportunity, and the former high school will be a great fit for our needs.” Many Stapleton residents don’t feel DPS’s latest plan was well thought out. “What is going to happen to these kids when they get out of junior high?” asked resident Chris Gibbons. “They can’t all go to East. Will they be bused all over the place, and separated? It makes no sense at all.” Aaron Hanson agrees, and thinks the high school plan should have been given more time. “They didn’t even give it a year before making this decision,” said Hanson. “We all knew there would be some growing pains, but just giving up at the first sign of adversity and scrapping it? It’s ridiculous.” Boasberg says they are working hard on next steps to solve the problem of kids aging in Stapleton. “We do need to figure this whole ‘kids need to go to high school’ thing out,” said Boasberg. “One thing we are kicking around is building a new facility and starting over. What we are considering is splitting East in half and sending half of their kids to a Stapleton High School, just to kind of get us jump-started.” Boasberg says DPS will continue to work to find a solution for teenage Stapleton students, but right now the focus is getting the sixth elementary school up and running. “We already have the facility, so this may be our easiest transition yet. We are very excited.”]]>

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