Forest City Stapleton Boldly Breaks News About Recent Successes

forest city breaks news about their greatnessIn a recent study conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting and Robert Charles Lesser & CO., Forest City’s Stapleton master planned community ranked fourth in the country with 665 homes sold last year. The news from the obscure ranking which means almost nothing to people outside of the real estate industry, was posted on the Stapleton web site. “Let’s just say we drank a lot of champagne,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We were ecstatic about the news, since we had previously fallen to 11th in 2014. It’s just a big, big deal, and we wanted to give everyone in the Stapleton community a chance to boast about how great of a community they live in, but also a chance to pat us on the back. We really deserve it. We are talking about number four as ranked by John Burns Real Estate Consulting and Robert Charles Lesser & CO. Just wow.” Stapleton residents don’t seem as excited about the news. “So, they sold a lot of houses. Is that it?” asks resident Seth Fevold. “Good for them, but I’m not sure how it affects me.” Danielle Zimmerman agrees. “I guess I would have appreciated weekly updates on where we were at with the town center, what grocers were being considered, things like that. A puff piece about how great you are isn’t really serving the community in any way. I’m pretty sure no one cares what the community is ranked by Burns and Lesser.” Ayers says the big news for Forest City Stapleton does have relevance to its community members. “We know people around here are enamored with home values (say in Ron Howard’s voice: ‘they’re not.’). So, this news helps confirm to our residents that not only do they live in a great community; they also made a wise investment, with a great company. Forest City. I mean, can you believe we are number four! We are shooting for the moon next year.” And with the development of “two new great” neighborhoods, how could they miss.]]>

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