Residents Like Ice Cream, but Really Just Want to Feel Like They Live in the Highlands

little man ice creamThere has been a lot of talk about the great shops and restaurants coming into the Eastbridge Town Center, but somehow, Little Man Ice Cream seems to headline the conversations. “Anytime the town center comes up, inevitably, the first thing someone says is, ‘I heard there is a Little Man Ice Cream coming in,’” said resident Jodi Sharp. “I mean, there are going to be Troy Gard restaurants there, and we are talking about ice cream? I think that is pretty bizarre.” The popular Highlands ice cream kiosk often has long lines late into the night. “I gave it a shot after we ate at Linger one night,” said resident Chris Essex. “I guess it was good. I mean, it was ice cream. But it was a pretty long line.” Although it’s clear that Stapleton residents like ice cream, much of the appeal is simply to make Stapletonians feel more hip. “The Highlands are a cool place,” said resident Jay Austin. “And, many Stapletonians either used to be cool, or at least thought they were cool. But now, they are older, have spouses and kids, real jobs, so they are either considerably less cool, or feel less cool.” Resident Tara D’Hondt agrees. “Nothing makes a person feel less cool than being married. I mean, being single is what all the cool people are doing. Ever see the difference between someone when they are married and then get divorced? It’s a pretty big ‘cool gap.’” Stapleton residents will soon be able to get cool with some Little Man Ice Cream.]]>

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