Residents Watch Construction of Eastbridge Town Center While Waiting for Hell to Freeze Over

Town-centerIn what has seemed like a lifetime for many Eastbridge residents, the Eastbridge Town Center appears to finally be under construction. The Stapletonion posted its very first article in March of 2011 discussing how soon businesses would be moving into the area. A short five years later, ground has been broken. The big concern for residents across Stapleton now, is whether life itself will continue. “I guess we all wanted this, but never thought it would come to fruition,” said Stapleton resident Joe Brooks. “Now, myself, and I know a lot of others, are worried this is the end. Isn’t this one of the signs of the apocalypse the Bible talked about in Revelation? At the very least, hell is freezing over, right?” Other residents feel the same way. “What happens when hell freezes over,” asked Marc Shaffer. “I mean, could it be a positive, or is it an end of world sort of thing? I honestly don’t know, but I do know it’s clearly happening now that the town center is being built.” The town center was originally promised to Eastbridge home buyers about a decade ago. Long before Conservatory Green, or Willow Park East, or the Bluff Lake Neighborhoods were even beginning. If not for the actual construction equipment and digging at the site, residents wouldn’t believe it is happening. “It’s pretty cool to see that we may be finally getting stuff that was promised to us a decade ago,” said resident Kirk Huebner. “Now, I hope we get at least a little time to enjoy it, with hell freezing over and all.” Biblical and ‘end of time’ scholars are certainly concerned with the development in Northeast Denver. “This is one of those things that has people worried across the globe,” says Biblical Scholar Bart Ehrman. “There are things in the Old Testament that seem to be referring to this development, and it’s concerning to all religions, not just Christians.” Ehrman says if the Eastbridge Town Center is a sign of the end of the world, residents shouldn’t concern themselves too much with it. “Once an end of time prophecy is fulfilled, there’s no stopping it. You just need to enjoy the remainder of your days, however many that may be.” For the sake of Eastbridge residents, hopefully it’s at least about a year and a half.]]>

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