Cycletrack Shelved; Residents Turn Attention to Elevated Glass Tunnel

Elevated glass tunnelIt was recently reported that the Cycletrack project proposed for 26th Ave. has been shelved. Forest City passed on the project, ultimately saying, “the project would have been really cool, but seriously, not necessary.” Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers went on to say that she doesn’t see the lack of a safe bike route at this point. “The traffic will continue to slow on 26th as more people are parking there and going to the park,” said Ayers. “Bikers will have plenty of room to maneuver on the street as they always have.” Many residents are agreeing with Forest City this time. “It seems like an unnecessary use of space and money,” says resident Kyle Peters. “I think sometimes bikers forget that not everyone is a biker.” Resident Jessica Walker agrees. “I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with Forest City on this,” said Walker. “I guess I just don’t see the hundreds of bikers having difficulty getting around. And creating more bike lanes won’t necessarily create more bikers.” With the Cycletrack project dead in its tracks, residents have moved on, and are pressuring Forest City to complete a new project. “We have spoken with architects and builders, and this can really be done,” said block captain and community leader Chris Fredericks. “We feel it would be really cool to have an elevated, glass tunnel connecting the two town centers. It would be wide enough to have bike lanes and a walking lane. Heck, people could even go running in it.” Fredericks says the tunnel would allow people to easily travel from town center to town center, without the annoyance of traffic. “Imagine leaving the Berkshire to go to one of the new bars in the new town center. Now imagine you don’t have to drive, and you can ride your bike through an elevated tunnel. Pretty damn cool, huh?” Forest City issued a statement immediately saying “the Funnel” was not going to happen. “This elevated tunnel, or funnel as they’re calling it, borders the absurd,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “The project is not only completely unnecessary, but also would be cost prohibitive, and an eye sore to those not using it. Yes, it is possible to build, but would be a poor use of funds and ultimately, not attractive or well used.” For his part, Fredericks disagrees. “They killed the idea without giving it serious consideration,” said Fredericks. “Yes, mostly it would be cool, but I do believe it would be well trafficked. I mean, is the A Line anymore necessary than the Funnel? I don’t think so.” Fredericks and his community team have not given up, and plan to bring the idea to the SUN meeting next month. SUN is expected to create a Funnel committee to weigh the pros and cons of the project.]]>

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  1. Is the A-line connecting thousands of people from Downtown to the airport and points in between more necessary than an elevated glass tunnel between two points in Stapleton?
    The answer is “Yes.”

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