New MCA President: “There’s Going to be a Wall, and Aurora is Going to Pay for It”

wallTwo weeks ago, long time MCA President Liza Kampstra stepped down amid community pressure. Kampstra was continually being accused by Stapleton residents of being “soft on Aurora,” which ultimately cost her the job. “I have dedicated over seven years to doing my best for this community,” said former President Kampstra. “It was time for a change, not just for the community, but for me.” Kampstra says she wishes nothing but the best for the Stapleton community and its new MCA President. “I have lived here for the last seven years, and I have no immediate plans for a change. So, of course, I want the community to continually grow and thrive.” The MCA announced the new MCA President as Paul Harris, who is a Stapleton resident and has worked at the MCA for the last four years. “We are very excited to announce Paul as our new President,” said MCA Spokesperson Kara Erickson. “Paul has a very strong background in community leadership and activism, and he will absolutely continue to move Stapleton in the right direction.” An unidentified source within the MCA said that Harris and Kampstra have butted heads over the last couple of years in regards to “Aurora policy.” “It was no secret in the MCA that Harris and Kampstra did not get along,” said the source. “Harris has always taken a strong anti-Aurora stance, and Kampstra simply didn’t see things the same way. Ultimately, Harris stirred up community members, and put pressure on Kampstra to get the job.” In his first public announcement as MCA President, Harris made it quite clear what his number one goal as MCA President was going to be. “Our residents are fed up,” said Harris. “We have bikes being stolen from open garages and packages being taken from porches. We have no proof that these crimes are being committed by Aurorans, but c’mon, we know it’s them. It’s time we stand up and say, ‘enough!’” Harris says his first objective as MCA President is to get the wall built that everyone wants. “We are going to build the wall,” shouted Harris. “And they (pointing to Aurora) are going to pay for it.” Harris, of course, is referring to the long needed security between Stapleton and Aurora along 26th Ave. “I think some form of security there is a great idea,” said resident Rick Pecenka. “And if we don’t have to pay for it, more for us.” Resident Jim Crawford also sees the wall as a positive. “Even if it doesn’t necessarily work, the perception is important,” said Crawford. “We need to let them know we mean business.” Harris has a long ways to go in regards to not only building a fence, but convincing the Aurora taxpayers to pay for it. “We will make this happen,” said Harris. “In fact, I will make this happen.” The Stapletonion promises wall to wall coverage of this new situation.]]>

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