BLM 5280 Requests Running Man at Central Park Station be Painted Black

white running manThe Denver activist group Black Lives Matter 5280 has requested Stapleton undergo a name change. Now, they’re upset with an art piece at Stapleton’s newly opened Central Park Station. “Really? A white running man?,” questioned BLM 5280 Spokesperson James Williams. “They could have thought through this one a little better. Do black people not take trains? Trust me, black people take the train. I think this is just another slap in the face from Stapleton and Forest City.” Stapleton resident Katie Barnum agrees. “To me, why not paint it black?” says Barnum. “If this is something we can work together on and make a compromise, I really don’t think there’s an issue. There probably isn’t any artistic significance to it being painted white, so just make the change. Most people don’t care either way, and if it makes some people happy, great.” Kyle Springer has a similar viewpoint. “I don’t have any convictions about the piece being white. Unless it has something to do with it being seen at night, but I doubt that’s an issue,” said Springer. “My guess is that it was a simple oversight, and wasn’t done with any malice intended.” At least one black resident, Duane Sellers, wants to keep the piece as is. “I respect what BLM 5280 is trying to do,” says Sellers. “But wouldn’t a black running man in Stapleton be more racist? I think we would be further proliferating a stereotype we feel Stapletonians already have. So, as an African American Stapleton resident, I would prefer to keep it white.” For the MCA’s part, they do not control the public art, so it is a Forest City’s issue. “This is something that BLM 5280 has to take up with Forest City,” said MCA President Paul Harris. “Stapleton has no say on the design of the public art.” Forest City refused to comment on the situation at this time. BLM 5280 spokesperson James Williams says he hopes Stapleton residents will join the effort in pressuring Forest City. “This may be something we can work together on in regards to pressuring Forest City,” said Williams. “Maybe Stapletonians aren’t ready for a name change, but changing the color of this piece of art may be a good step in mending some wounds.” It’s uncertain if and when the art piece would go through a color change, but one thing is for certain, a black running man is way better than a white running man.]]>


  1. For christ sake can’t anything be white anymore- all lives matter and this balloon man happens to be white. Why don’t we paint all the political buildings black- will that satisfy the movement? There is a point when things get ridiculous and I think it was just reached.

  2. Leave it up to the artist. He’s not a politician and he is the creative force that made the piece. Don’t politicize art that’s not about politics or race. If you make a piece that has a racial or political statement, that’s great. You are expressing yourself. Don’t ask the artist to change his/her creation.

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