MCA Increases Security…Military Style

MCA increasing securityNew MCA President Paul Harris is emphatic on his promises in regards to security and continues to deliver on those promises. “Residents remain concerned over the threat of possible crime here,” said Harris. “I have read reports saying crime is really not that bad. Maybe. But maybe not. We will continue to use our funds to stave off real and fictional threats to our citizenry.” Harris and the MCA recently entered a partnership with the Air Force and Buckley Air Force Base to conduct training and reconnaissance missions over Stapleton looking for suspects aiming to harm the Stapleton way of living. “The helicopters deployed are transport copters, not gunships,” explained Sargent Chris Meeter, who is overseeing the project. “There won’t be any shots fired into the neighborhood. We are here to assess threats, then if necessary, land and deploy special forces to end the threat.” Meeter says threats could be from package pirates, garage thieves, or possibly home intruders. The partnership does come with a price tag to the MCA which is at about $60,000 a mission. The MCA has an agreement for 15 missions a month. “We see this as a valuable asset to keeping our sovereignty,” said Harris. “Is there a price on your child’s safety? We don’t think so either.” Some residents are displeased with the new President’s use of funds. “This is absolutely ridiculous,” commented resident Justin Royal. “There are much better ways to use our funds than this. It’s appalling.” Holly Fogdall agrees. “I cannot believe people feel this is appropriate. Crime here is not bad compared to the rest of Denver, yet we spend this? No wonder everyone laughs at us.” Harris says if even one resident doesn’t feel safe, the expenditure is warranted. “Not every resident has that inherent feeling of safety,” says Harris. “For those who do not, we need to provide that for them.” Harris says the missions will continue about 15 times a month until Stapletonians no longer have the fear of a package being violently stolen from their front porch.]]>


  1. Community security is an important issue but I feel this program is not cost effective. It has been demonstrated that the kind of crime that the program targets can best be thwarted using “Boots on the Ground”. A good neighborhood watch program would be far more effective as well as far less expensive. Let’s be prudent in the use of our MCA funds.

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