Mowing Around Tiny Tree in Small Back Yard Becoming Big Pain in the Ass

MowingJason Gerber owns a Parkwood Home in the Bluff Lake neighborhood in Stapleton. Like many other Stapleton homes, Jason does not have much of a yard. In fact, there is even less than he started with. “We had a patio put in two falls ago,” said Gerber. “So, really all we have is the tiny little section in the back, and the small section in the front.” By looking at the yard, it would seem to be a pretty simple mow. But not according to Jason. “It’s almost too small. I mean, we have one annoying tree back there, and I have to circle around it, duck under its little braches, back into the gate. Then, I have to reverse my steps and go back the opposite way, usually getting a branch in my face. I mean, I just want to get rid of the whole back yard and turn it into a patio.” Gerber says that is likely not to happen, however. “My wife likes having the little bit of green back there. And yes, it is nice to have, but she’s not the one struggling to mow that small patch right underneath the tree. Do they make mini-lawn mowers? Now, that would be a solution. I know there are weed wackers, but those can be really annoying to handle.” Gerber says he will continue suck it up and do the job. “It has to be done. Until that tree grows taller than seven feet off the ground, it is going to continue to be a pain in the ass.” This story will be filed under “Stapleton People Problems.” ]]>

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