Construction of Town Center Juvenile Detention Facility Coming Along Nicely

Juvenile Detention FacitlityThe juvenile detention center being constructed in the 29th Ave. Town Center is currently ahead of schedule, according to the managers of the project. “We’ve made some great progress in the last couple of weeks,” said project manager Marc Weber. “We are ahead of schedule, and it appears we should be done about two months earlier than expected.” The project which was originally supposed to be completed by December could now be done as early as October. “We know the detention facility is ready to start bringing in guests immediately,” said Weber. “There has been some pressure to get it done early, based on the number of troubled youth, but we are building at a comfortable pace.” The detention facility, being constructed with almost no windows, is prepared to house over 350 juveniles with problems ranging from drugs and alcohol to assault. “The facility will be perfectly fit for its purpose,” said Weber. “It’s meant to have a cold appearance. Essentially, it is a jail, but for those under 17. So, when we hear complaints about why it looks like a giant concrete prison, well really, that’s what it is.” Most residents are not excited about the new addition to the town center directly across from the library and next to the green. “The building looks bad enough, and then they are going to fill it with problem kids?” asks Tom Gregory. Ashley Glynn agrees. “I am not looking forward to this monstrosity being completed,” said Glynn. “Not sure how this concept snuck past the community, but not the type of project I would have thought we would have invited into the town center.” Whether or not the community is ready for it, the center is ahead of schedule, and should be ready to accept delinquents by Halloween. ]]>

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