Dog Waste Bag Dispenser Out of Goddamn Bags Again

dog waste dispenser out of bagsSam Poolman is a responsible dog owner who always brings extra dog bags with him in case of any surprises, and sometimes even picks up waste from dogs whose owners weren’t quite as responsible. Poolman lives in Eastrbridge and will often walk his dog Hawkeye around the F-15 Park during his trips. “I like to walk around the park, see what’s going on,” said Poolman. “Plus, sometimes a friendly dog will come by to say hi to Hawkeye.” Poolman almost always enjoys his carefree walks with his dog, but sometimes he can get frustrated. “Every once in a while, I will have forgotten to bring extra bags, or Hawkeye is just a little too excited on a certain occasion,” said Poolman. “Other times, I may have leant a bag to someone else at some point during my walk. There is a bag dispenser at the park, but it seems like that damn thing is always empty. Both of them.” Poolman is referring to the fact that the F-15 Park has two dog waste bag dispensers, and according to Poolman, oftentimes both are completely out of bags. “I will check one, and then run over to the other one to see if any are in there. Sure enough, those goddamn things are empty more often than not.” Poolman says he thinks there should be a number you can call at the MCA to make sure they get refilled. “I always find someone to borrow a bag from, or even run home to get one,” said Poolman. “But it is really annoying. There should be an email address or phone number on the dispenser to let them MCA know to come refill them ASAP.” MCA President Paul Harris says they do have the bags checked and refilled, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a small window where they may not be filled. “We do our best to get them all checked,” said Harris. “But, we have so many pocket parks, we can’t make waste bag dispensers a priority.” Harris says the best thing for dog owners to do is to overpack. “Make sure to bring 10-15 bags with you,” said Harris. “That way, you should never run out.” ]]>

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