MCA to Residents: “Stop Dumping Unsold Garage Sale Items in Creek”

people-dumping-things-in-creek-from-garage-saleThe Stapleton garage sale was this last weekend, and the streets were crowded with residents and non-residents looking to pick up great items at a low price. The Stapleton garage sale mostly serves as an opportunity for residents to do some spring cleaning, getting rid of old kids toys, clothes, and unwanted furniture to make room for the new pieces. But, buyers are often just as excited to grab these old items. “We had our stuff out on our lawn by 7:30 in the morning,” said resident Amy White. “And all the big pieces of furniture were gone by 9:15. Some people were even fighting over who got to what first. I really don’t care. I just wanted it off my property.” Although most residents experienced at least modest success at getting rid of their unwanted furniture, there were still items left behind. “We had some big things left we just didn’t want to deal with anymore,” said resident Ryan Leppert. “So, we took them to Goodwill almost right after the sale ended.” Other residents donated through other avenues such as Arc or Habitat Metro Denver. “We knew we weren’t going to keep it, so we arranged for Arc to pick up anything leftover we had,” said resident Sylvia Baird. “It was just the right thing to do.” Unfortunately, not all residents were so prudent with their unsold items. Westerly Creek became a hotbed for those not wanting to deal with old video players, couches, cabinets, etc. “We found tens of items, some even in boxes, discarded in the Creek,” said MCA President Paul Harris. “It is not only disgraceful, it is illegal.” The MCA says if they find out any information regarding those dumping items in the creek, they will turn that information over to the police for prosecution. “We can’t turn our neighborhood into a complete dump. I know we have a lot of construction going on right now, but it doesn’t mean we are a garbage pile.” Harris says the most disconcerting thing was that a car was found in the creek. “Apparently, a car didn’t sell, so the old owner simply drove it into the creek after removing all its tags.” Harris encourages residents to use Stapleton Swap, Arc, Goodwill, Habitat Metro Denver, or any other method to safely get rid of unwanted items. “Please, help keep our Creek clean,” pleaded Harris. ]]>

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