Stapleton Family Lets Everyone Know, “We’ll Be at OUR Place in Vail This Weekend”

family has place in vailThe Wubbenas are fairly outgoing people, and when they are headed to the mountains, they become even more outgoing. “We love Mindy and Jake,” said friend and neighbor Teresa Hays. “But, it can be a little painful when they go to their place in the mountains because it is definitely a little braggy. Yes, we know you are doing well, we know you have a place in Vail. Just say you are going to the mountains. We can fill in the blanks.” Friend Stacy Schack agrees. “She definitely likes to work it in to the conversation,” said Schack. “I won’t even ask, and she will say things like, ‘we need to get together, but I can’t this weekend because we are headed to our place in Vail.’ It’s pretty transparent that she is trying to brag about the place.” The boasting isn’t just limited to Mindy. “Jake shows us pictures when we are out drinking,” said friend Lee Harris. “Literally, just shows us pictures on his phone. They’ve had the place for like four years. And the worst part is, they never invite us. In fact, they ask us if we want to rent it from them through VRBO when they aren’t using it. It’s pretty ridiculous.” Social media has exacerbated the situation. “When they are up there, it is just a constant stream of things like, ‘just hanging out on our porch in our place in Vail,’” said Harris. “And then, even throughout the next week, ‘looking forward to being back at our place in Vail soon. Love this place!’ It’s just over the top.” Friends are reluctant to say anything to the couple as they feel they will take it too personally. “I think it is like a child to them,” said Schack. “So mentioning how annoying it is would be like telling them their kids are annoying. So, I don’t think it will go over well.” Friends and neighbors are hoping after a few more years, maybe things will cool off. “They can’t keep up this pace of bragging forever, can they?” asks Hays. “The only other hope is that someone else lets them know how annoying it is. But it’s not going to be me.” ]]>

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