Stapleton Named Denver’s “Drunkest” Neighborhood

stapleton drunkest neighborhoodA recent Denver University study confirmed what many Stapleton residents have known for years. Stapleton is unofficially Denver’s drunkest neighborhood. Dr. Mike Potter from Denver University said a similar methodology was used from that of Princeton Review’s Top Party Schools. Over 250,000 Denver residents completed surveys which included information regarding how often they drink, what they drink, how often they attend social gatherings, how often they drink with their neighbors, among many more questions. “We also tabulated geographic things such as number of liquor stores within a certain area and number of times Uber or cab services were used between certain hours,” said Potter. “The biggest thing we learned was that people who can afford alcohol, and have kids, drink a lot.” Residents said the study is not something to be proud of, but certainly wasn’t surprising. “Most nights you can text a neighbor about getting together for some drinks, and at least one person will respond,” said Eastbridge resident Nicole Shannon. “I think the stress of trying to keep up with the Jones’s and raising kids drives one to drink. A lot.” North Central Park resident Joe Jepsen agrees. “There are a lot of successful people in Stapleton,” says Jepsen. “And you don’t climb the corporate ladder by not being fun and not being social. Sure, you have to be smart, but being likeable is equally important. And people that drink and are social, are just more likeable.” Potter said there were certain areas where Stapleton was off the charts in respect to its comparison to other Denver neighborhoods. “One of the questions was in regards to how often you walk around your neighborhood with an open container,” said Potter. “It’s almost as if Stapleton residents have no regard for laws pertaining to drinking. 68% said they had walked around their neighborhood for more than three blocks with an open container of alcohol. Second place was Wash Park with 24%.” Potter says the study was done in good fun, and isn’t meant to promote or misrepresent a neighborhood in any way. “It was something we thought would be interesting, and would bring some PR our direction,” said Potter. “But, I will say, those Stapleton people drink a lot.” ]]>

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