Bill Roberts to Require Summer Driver’s Ed For Stapleton Parents

bad parallel parkikngScott Gerbracht is a parent at Bill Roberts school in Stapleton. He often drives his kids to school, which he would enjoy if it wasn’t for “all the horrible f*cking drivers.” “I can’t believe how bad people are at driving, parking, obeying rules, etc.,” said Gerbracht. “It is unreal. Almost every day I would take my kids to school, and almost every day I would see almost incomprehensible driving.” For that reason, Gerbracht worked with the school and the district to set up a mandatory summer driver’s education program for all parents who have returning or incoming students at Bill Roberts. Parents must schedule a three day, two hour session lesson at one point throughout the summer.  “The program will focus on understanding directions, right of way, reading signs, and will also address spatial reasoning issues such as how and when to parallel park,” said Gerbracht. “I mean, you wouldn’t believe how many people can’t parallel park. And when I say people, I of course mean women. That’s not sexism, that’s factism.” When the program is completed, those graduating will receive a small blue sticker to display prominently on their windshield. “If you have the sticker on your car, you can drop off and pick up as you please,” said Gerbracht. “If you do not have the sticker, you could be ticketed by one of the parent patrols and have to pay a $20 fine.” The class itself costs $40, so Gerbracht feels the time and money for the class is well worth it. “Not only may you re-learn a few things you forgot, you are also showing you’re a good team member here at our school.” When Gerbracht introduced the concept in April, parents of other Stapleton schools thought the program could be helpful to their school as well. The schools have since jumped on board including Westerly Creek, Swigert, and Isabella Bird. As of now, those schools will only require attendance by those who are new incoming parents. “The program is brand new,” said Gerbracht. “It may not be perfect, but we are willing to give it a chance and see if we can make it grow. It certainly can’t hurt.” Those needing to register can do so by going to the “Stapleton Parents Who Can’t Believe People Drive This Bad So Something Needs To Change” web site by clicking here. Drive safe and smart, Stapletonians.]]>

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