Threatening Sign Attempts to Ward Off Criminals

crime-signSeveral months ago, a sign was placed on 29th and Central Park Blvd. to remind residents to lock their vehicles and homes. Last week, a similar sign was placed on MLK by the fire station hoping to deter crime in Stapleton. The message was simple: “Thieves, stop breaking N2 cars. We are watching you.” For potential thieves, the sign can be quite foreboding. “If I was a thief and I found out police may be watching me, I guess I would be less likely to commit a crime,” said Stapleton resident Sandy Johnson. “More than anything, I guess it serves as a reminder to the community that we do have a police presence here in Stapleton. So, we’ve got that going for us.” Other residents were not quite as encouraged by the signage. “When I was driving by and read the sign, I laughed so hard I spit my beer out,” said resident Tom Christin. “It was absolutely perfect. Not sure if it will deter any crime here, but it probably gave most residents a good chuckle.” Resident David Clinton agrees. “I’m pretty sure the sign isn’t going to affect crime in any significant way,” said Clinton. “But, it did affect how good of a mood I was in when I was driving home from work every day. Damn, that sign was funny. The only thing I wish is that they would have changed the wording up a little every day. But, probably didn’t want to tamper with comic genius.” Denver Police Chief Robert White says the sometimes comical signs can be helpful. “Signs are continuously reminding people not to do things,” said White. “That’s why we have street signs. You don’t have to obey them, but there’s a chance police are watching you and you will get a ticket. Same concept here. Criminals may ignore the sign, but there is a chance they will get caught.” White says the data has not been fully gathered to determine whether the signs had any effect on crime in the last couple of weeks. “We will tabulate the crimes and calls in the next month which will give us an idea if it served as any deterrent at all,” said White. If so, the DPD says they will continue to use the signs and place them strategically around Stapleton. They have asked for the community’s help in verbiage for the signs. If you have an idea for what the sign should say, please email your idea to The Stapletonion at We will send the best ones off to the DPD, as well as include in one of our issues or post on our Facebook Page. Thank you for your continued support in developing a crime free neighborhood. *Editor’s Note: We were unable to get a picture of the actual sign (yes, a sign like this absolutely existed). If you have one, please send to us. Our photographer has since been fired for his recklessness and inability to get this photo. ]]>

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