Zika Virus Fears End Stapleton 2028 Olympic Bid

Stapleton Olympic BidLast Wednesday, an emergency meeting of the Stapleton Community Olympic Committee (SCOC) was held to announce the immediate withdrawal of Stapleton’s bid to host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. According to SCOC President Dr. Mark Noren, growing concerns over the Zika virus and Brazil’s seeming inability to contain it during this summer’s Olympic games motivated the withdrawal. “This is a very sad day. Stapleton is one of the most competitive communities in all of Colorado and usually wins at everything. Hosting an Olympic games is a goal most definitely aligned with our community’s values.” Some audience members seemed perplexed by the move. Local physician Holly Potter asked if cancelling an event planned 12-years into the future was an overreaction. Noren, also a local physician, noted that Zika was on par with previous outbreaks that had wiped out large swaths of the U.S. population, including Mad Cow Disease, Chinese Bird Flu, and Ebola. Local florist Barb Essex commented that none of those diseases had actually wiped out any portion of the population. Noren was quick to remind the audience that Essex’s comments “were not a medical opinion.” Local business owners were the most vocal of the night, expressing their anger over the potential loss of revenue. Jeff Courbat, leasing manager for the Stanley Market Place said that while the Stanley plans to be “almost open” by 2028, he could certainly appreciate why other business owners were frustrated. “Stapleton has long been an affluent community with a distinct inability to keep any of its local merchants in business. The Olympics posed a real opportunity to turn that around.” At the conclusion of the meeting, Noren apologized, stating that he had never intended to make this decision alone, but that “In refusing to accept our original application to host the 2028 summer Olympic games, the selection committee also refused to provide any guidance on the Zika issue.” Noren said the SCOC plans to keep options open for future Olympic bids, but at this point, they Stapleton will not be receiving any consideration for the 2028 Olympics. ]]>

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