Neighborhood Husband and Stapleton MCA Play Blame Game

You may recall the above email ad that was sent a couple weeks ago to you by Stapleton MCA. It turns out that resident Jim Farrell was having a disagreement with his wife, Karissa and entered a photo of her into this contest. Jim thought that the photo would get a couple chuckles from the staff and then get discarded. To his surprise her photo labeled, Playful Basset Hound, was chosen as July’s Dog of the Month to be featured in the calendar. Jim recalls, “We were at Aviator and just had an argument over who should keep an eye on little Trina and who should socialize with the cool people. So after she took a dip, the light hit her just right. Her hair was dripping wet with that droopy leathery skin of hers. I just couldn’t help myself and snapped a picture. I guess it didn’t help that I had washed down 5 or 6 margaritas by that point. But did the MCA really have to select her picture?” Stapleton MCA spokesperson, Mike Elijah, claimed that the employee responsible for the selection did not mean to insult Karissa but that the photo simply stood out among the rest, being both unique and artistically brilliant. He actually thought that the family would be thrilled with the news. The MCA is hoping to avoid a lawsuit and wants the community to know that they are embarrassed and apologetic even though Karissa’s own family member submitted the photo. This employee has since been dismissed of his duties. Next time they will have a written rule that only photos of real dogs, not figurative dogs, may be submitted to the contest. However, we at the Stapletonion feel like that is equivalent to putting a “Caution Hot” warning on a steaming cup of coffee. ]]>

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