City of Denver: “Pedestrians Can ‘Frogger’ Their Way to Eastbridge Town Center”

froggerThe Eastbridge Town Center is moving along quickly, and with the impending fall completion of the center, local residents can expect a nearby grocer, great restaurants , and even an ice cream shop. These exciting changes will bring increased traffic to the Eastbridge neighborhood, which is a concern for local residents. “The benefit of having a town center so close is being able to walk over to it,” said Eastbridge resident Zach Buchan. “If we can’t find a safe, effective biking or walking route, it definitely loses some appeal.” Resident Amanda Hall has a similar viewpoint. “We already know the traffic is going to get a little crazy,” said Hall. “But, if we can walk there to do our eating, drinking, and shopping, it takes the sting away a little bit. I won’t be near as psyched if we have some antiquated way of crossing over to the center from Eastbridge.” From the perspective of the Stapleton Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB), the city has yet to offer a suitable solution. “We recommended a crossing at Geneva Ct.,” said committee leader Chad Walsworth. “This is based on the access to the F-15 park and pool, and where the retail center is going to be. But, the city engineer sighted existing traffic regulations which made this unrealistic. So, we really didn’t make much progress.” City engineer Nate McFarlane says expected traffic patterns should allow for residents to “find their own way across. We think the traffic will be at about the pace where we encourage residents to just ‘Frogger’ their way across. It shouldn’t be a problem.” McFarlane was of course referring to the 1980’s video game where players would attempt to get the frog across a busy street by dodging in and out of traffic. CAB remains unsatisfied with the current solution. “I think it’s a recipe for disaster, and they need to think of an alternative plan,” said Walsworth. “I think it’s crazy that the city is just encouraging residents to dodge around traffic. But, apparently, their decision is final.” Residents are still hopeful the city will reconsider its view, and a suitable crossing will be created. ]]>

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  1. I completely agree with you, that it is not okay for people to be forced to “Frogger” their way across the road. It is dangerous enough for stray cats to dart across the street, but people should at least have the option of a crosswalk. I’m sure if the city consulted a professional traffic engineering company, they would be able to come up with a safer solution.

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