Colorado Company “Buzz”es the Tower

Stapleton FlybyLast Saturday, Colorado company Way to Grow used a unique form of advertising to get the attention of NE Denver and Aurora residents. The company introduced some aerial advertising for its company which “specializes in supplying the gardening and greenhouse community with the tools and knowledge required to successfully grow healthy plants of all varieties, indoors and out.” This includes but is not limited to the ability to legally grow your own marijuana. The aerial advertising definitely caught the attention of Stapleton residents and event-goers. “The plane was extremely loud,” said resident and attendee of the Denver Arts Festival Kevin Hansen. “At times, you couldn’t hear yourself think. It was just kind of annoying. Maybe next time they can just crop dust us with thousands of fliers so it is over a little more quickly.” Resident Mark Glynn agreed. “It was pretty loud,” said Glynn. “And it seemed to just circle directly above Stapleton, and more specifically, my head for about an hour.” Way to Grow spokesperson Bob Sharp said the company was hoping to get noticed, but certainly didn’t intend to annoy anyone. “We know there are a lot of people in NE Denver who prefer organic products, and like to grow their own food,” said Sharp. “We just wanted to get our name out there in a unique way. Hopefully, people checked us out, and in hindsight, aren’t to upset about the noise of the single engine plane.” Sharp says he is unsure if they will employ the same advertising tactic again, but many Stapleton residents may tell Way to Grow, “negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.”]]>

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