Reparations: New Soopers to Offer Additional Discount to Eastbridge Residents

king soopers offers disccountIn an effort to “make things right,” the new King Soopers will be offering special discount cards to current Eastbridge residents once they open this fall. “We know the people of this great neighborhood have long suffered,” said Kroger spokesperson Jay Shaffer. “On top of the great deals King Soopers and Kroger brand stores already offer, we will be giving our special Eastbridge residents an extra five percent off. This offer will continue in perpetuity, and we will consider this reparations for the extended period of time it took for us to get a grocery store here. We know we can never completely make up for the injustices we caused, but we hope this is a step in the right direction.” Resident Lisa Schwab says she appreciates the extra money off, but remains frustrated with the situation. “I really thought we could get a natural grocer here or a Trader Joe’s,” said Schwab. “But, I’m realistic, and I know I will end up coming here a lot because it’s so close. I’ll take the five percent off, but I’m not sure it erases the 10 years I had to wait to get a town center. Nothing will ever make me forget that pain.” Tony Richmond feels the same way. “I know I will be over there a lot, so yeah, the money savings is nice,” said Richmond. “But, the Eastbridge people are a proud people. We’re not just going to forget the 10 years of torture of not having a town center. It is a step in the right direction, however.” To obtain the special “Eastbridge Card,” Eastbridge residents will need to provide their proof of address with a government ID and two current utility bills with their name on it. “This is something we want going to the Eastbridge people,” said Shaffer. “It’s not a program for other people, it’s specifically meant to heal the suffering of Eastbridge, and the long history of bad blood between them and King Soopers. We want to make sure they are the ones benefiting from the savings and not those from other communities or Stapleton boroughs who don’t have the history those in Eastbridge do.” The Soopers is expected to open this fall, and store operators are hoping the healing and the saving begin immediately for Eastbridge residents.]]>

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