Crime Report: Items Continue to Not Be Stolen from Family’s Locked Garage

locked garageA recent report uncovered that hundreds of items from one garage and possibly thousands of items from garages all over Stapleton continue to remain in the exact same place their owners left them prior to locking their garages. “I really can’t believe it,” said resident Ron Fitzpatrick. “With all the reports of crime, you would believe that everything is constantly getting stolen from everybody. But, at least in our situation, we have had nothing taken. Truly remarkable.” The incredible statistic makes others believe Fitzpatirick may not be alone. “It’s certainly possible that there are other residents out there who are locking up their stuff and not losing it as well,” said resident Mark Moellering. “We don’t typically lock our garage and sometimes leave it open. Unfortunately, we have had some items taken. This new report makes me think maybe we should consider locking our stuff up at night.” Fitzpatrick says that he has many valuable items in the garage that may be valuable to a thief. “My bike is in there, some power tools, but every night, nothing is taken,” claimed Fitzpatrick. Many residents are skeptical of Fitzpatricck’s claim. “You’re telling me it could be that easy?” asked resident Kirk Marcks. “I need to hear more evidence that it works before I start doing it myself. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.” Resident Amy Murphy agrees. “Does he live in Eastbridge?” asked Murphy. “Because until I hear a person living in Eastbridge protecting their stuff by just locking doors, I simply won’t believe it.” Fitzpatrick held fast to his claim. “There are always going to be skeptics,” said Fitzpatrick. “But the important thing to me is that my system (locking doors) is working. Other people may need to do something else, but for me, it’s just easy and gets the job done.” ]]>

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