Demographic Report: Yay! We’re Rich AND White!

demographic reportIn a recent report revealed by the Front Porch, Stapleton residents were ecstatic to find out they are still the richest and whitest community in Northeast Denver. “It was like finding out you get to host the Olympics,” said resident Kate Hanlon. “I know, we kind of expected it, but at the same time, it’s always great to hear. Like when people tell me I’m pretty.” The report highlighted a handful of key findings, comparing Stapleton to Lowry, Denver, and the state of Colorado. The demographics mostly emphasized in the study included home values, household income, and ethnicity. The report was prepared by the State Demography Office, and it is often unclear if the report was meant to shame Stapleton residents or make them proud. “It’s great we have such high home values,” said resident Tim Gibbons. “But, it’s kind of sad to see we aren’t very diverse ethnically. I mean, it’s somewhat expected, but at the same time, makes you kind of feel crappy.” Mariel Lima agrees. “Of course, it’s nice living in a community with successful, well-off people,” said Lima. “It makes you feel good about yourself, and certainly makes you safer in regards to living in the city. But, on the other hand, we do live in the city, and there should be a little more diversity in our community. Not just ethnically, but socioeconomically.” Another interesting thing about the study is that it continues to arbitrarily divide Stapleton into East and West Stapleton. “I’m not totally keen on what the reasons are for dividing into the two groups,” questioned Kirk Campbell. “This is under one builder with one community and the same goals and same problems. If one is going to make this random division, go ahead and use the different boroughs as dividing lines, not just to randomly cut segments. Also, why not talk about what communities have and don’t have low income housing and the challenges of having low income housing.” One thing Forest City and residents agree on is that reversing the current Stapleton housing market and demographic trend will be a massive challenge. ]]>

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