Neighborhood Update: Beeler Park Homes to Produce Energy

Forest City has announced the name of its new neighborhood just north of 56th Ave. and east of Central Park Blvd. The new neighborhood will be Beeler Park. Stapleton’s 11th neighborhood will have a unique style of homes, only fitting for Forest City’s vision of “urban plan meets the Great Plains.” “We feel this new home style is absolutely perfect for Beeler Park,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “These new homes are not only Zero Energy ready ™, but they will actually produce energy for neighborhoods throughout Stapleton.” The innovative home styles may seem peculiar to some, but as one Forest City representative said, “at Stapleton, we’ve created a community built on big ideas, and after over 10 years, we’re still writing the book on new ways to live.” This new way of living will definitely be completely unique. Essentially, the homes will be livable, completely functioning wind turbines. “This is the way of the future,” said Dargossi. “Not only do these homes not need any outside energy, they produce energy. And being out there on the plains, they will get lots of wind, producing plenty of energy for the rest of Stapleton. It’s really a perfect plan.” The homes will not be exact replicas of each other, but will be very similar based on the challenges the type of structure presents. “The biggest difference between the homes will be the paint colors,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Much like the rest of Stapleton, we will have a unique variety of colors, which will at least give the turbine homes some sort of differentiation. After that, it is up to each buyer’s style to decorate their homes accordingly.” Each home will have a spiraling staircase four stories high. After that, access will be limited to the turbine engineering team only. “This is not just another wind farm,” said Ayers. “It is a neighborhood. But, yeah, it will look like a really neatly painted wind farm. And so much more, probably.” Current residents question how excited buyers will be to live in a turbine. “I’m not sure Forest City understands how loud these things can be,” said Jim Sovran. “They can be extremely loud. I can’t imagine you can out-engineer that noise.” Resident Liam Hanson also has reservations about the new age homes. “Are they going to have addresses or just big numbers on them such as ‘turbine number 114?’” asked Hanson. “It’s completely ridiculous. Forest City has again out-thought themselves.” Many existing residents are already poking fun at the new neighborhood, giving it the nickname “Keebler Park” comparing it to the tree-dwelling, cookie making elves. Final renderings of the neighborhood are not yet available, but Forest City hopes to present them by the end of August.]]>

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