Plans for “Goose” Pool Spin Out of Control, Ultimately Die

maverick poolWith the Maverick pool fully operational and making a big splash this year, residents were petitioning hard to open a new pool to be a wingman to Maverick, called “Goose.” The “Goose” pool was going to be a little simpler, not as flamboyant, and would not have all the charm the Maverick pool does, but would certainly be a quality pool. “The residents on the north side definitely need more pools, and we saw the Goose pool as filling that need,” said North Central Park resident and activist Jim Young. “We didn’t think we were asking for much, just an additional pool with a less significant role in the community than our Maverick pool, which obviously gets a lot of attention.” Young had worked with SUN, the MCA, and Forest City in an effort to get momentum to add the pool to the Conservatory Green area. “SUN was really supportive, and agreed another pool could be put in,” said Young. “The MCA even helped us find a potential spot, and rough design for ‘Goose.’ Forest City didn’t seem as enthused and wasn’t as helpful, but they didn’t immediately dismiss the idea.” Young said he and a small team continued to work on the plans alongside the MCA. “We were so close,” said Young. “Everything was going in the right direction, and it looked like ‘Goose’ would graduate to the next step in the process. We were all very excited.” Right when things appeared to be going the right direction, Forest City whitewashed the project, causing things to spin out of control. In the end, the project was tragically killed, never making it to the construction phase. It was very disappointing for Young and the other hard working team members. “When you’re in the activism business long enough, you’re bound to lose some of your projects,” said Young. “But you gotta let ‘em go. You gotta let ‘em go.”]]>

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