Stapleton Mom Loves New Vacuum but Not IN Love with It

not in love with new vacuum cleanerStapleton mom Kate Strano recently had her old Kenmore vacuum go out after ten years, and was forced to replace it. “It was a great vacuum,”  said Strano. “Just so reliable. Always got the job done. Sure, we had some tough times, and at times, I questioned the investment. But overall, it was really great. Really…really great,” said a teary-eyed Strano. Strano did her research, and found a solid replacement for ‘old reliable’ in a Eureka model vacuum cleaner. Strano seems happy with the new vacuum, if not content. “It’s doing pretty well so far,” said Strano. “It’s not that it’s any worse or any better, it’s just different. You might say I love it, but I’m not in love with it. And anyone who understands love understands that difference.” Strano believes she eventually could feel the same way about the new vacuum, but she just needs time. “It’s not like a man, which is easily interchangeable. This is a vacuum. Something you develop feelings for and a relationship with,” said Strano. “I have to come to peace with the end of my last vacuum relationship before I can move on in this one.” Despite being lukewarm about this vacuum, Strano really has no complaints. “It’s been satisfying my needs, and doing everything I have asked of it. At this point, I have to accept it’s not the vacuum it’s me,” said Strano. It usually is in these situations.]]>

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