Contrast in Color: Homes Becoming More Colorful, Residents Less

colorful stapleton homeA recent article in the Front Porch discusses the aging of Stapleton homes and the subsequent repainting of them. Many residents are choosing vibrant colors over the drab colors of their homes when they first purchased them. “There just wasn’t a lot of color on our block,” said Stapleton resident Robin Becker. “So, when we decided we needed to repaint, we choose a bright green color that would stand out. Not sure if the neighbors like it, as it looks like Dr. Seuss may have chosen our color, but we love it.” Other residents have gone through the same process. “It was definitely time to repaint our home,” said resident Paige Barnum. “We didn’t want to do the same old drab color we had, so we went with a bright yellow color. It reminded me of a place I lived growing up in southern Florida. We really like it.” As homes begin to get more colorful, Stapleton residents do not. Recent reports show a higher percentage of white people moving to Stapleton than any other Denver community. In fact, statistics in Stapleton have stopped using percentages for non-whites moving to Stapleton and simply use the actual number. “Statistically, the percentages were so low it was meaningless,” said statistician Ben Wollenzien. “The actual number is easier to use, and more meaningful.” The Stapleton community continues to struggle in attracting non-whites to the neighborhood. Until something is figured out, residents will have to count on their homes to bring color to the community. ]]>

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