School Choice Investigation Shows Swigert Principal Deleted Roughly 3,000 Emails

deleted emails from principleA DPS investigation into potential corruption at Swigert Elementary in regards to school choice has come up empty. “We were unable to find any evidence which would support that Principal Hinton tampered with any files which would have given students or families an unjust benefit to getting choiced in to Swigert outside of the normal protocol,” said special investigator Lee Street. “At this time, we consider the investigation to be complete, and no further action will be taken. Principal Hinton will continue to be the acting Principal at Swigert.” Street went on to say that although the investigation did not turn up any incriminating evidence, there was evidence that about 3,000 emails had been permanently deleted off of the DPS server which had been sent or received by Principal Hinton. “We now know that about 3,000 emails have been deleted from the DPS server, and will not be recoverable,” said Street. “Principal Hinton has been issued a verbal and written warning for this irresponsible behavior. However, without having any emails with incriminating evidence, the case has been closed.” For Principal Hinton’s part, she is still strongly and publicly declaring her innocence. “The school choice process for getting into Swigert always has been and always will be a fair process,” said Hinton. “In no way have I been involved in communicating with parents or aiding anyone in the process of getting their kids into Swigert with any undue advantage outside of the normal process.” Hinton also has claimed all emails deleted prior to the investigation were personal in nature. “I have friends and family outside of the DPS community,” said Hinton. “For ease of use, I will simply use my DPS account for personal emails as well. These emails have nothing to do with my profession, so I often delete them afterwards, as they are completely personal in nature.” Although the investigation is closed, there are those in the community who are skeptical of the situation. “It just seems pretty fishy,” said resident Amy Druvenga. “What is the urgency to delete the personal emails? How personal could they be? We didn’t get into Swigert, so we, of course, are maybe more curious than others.” Christina Murphy’s daughter also did not get into Swigert and she questions what information the emails could have contained. “I’m not ready to shout conspiracy theory quite yet,” said Murphy. “But, I do think the process should be more transparent. It certainly seems possible that someone could email her directly, or maybe she has friends in the community, money could have exchanged hands. I just think this should alert Stapleton and DPS School Choice officials that the process needs to be cleaned up.” DPS officials have stated that no changes are in the works in regards to the school choice process.]]>

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