Stapleton Dad Starts “Annoy Your Spouse Challenge”

annoy your spouse challengeThe trendy new ‘challenge’ making its way through Facebook is the “Love Your Spouse challenge.” The basic concept is that the challenge will help couples celebrate their love by posting seven days’ worth of joyful photos of their wonderful marriage on Facebook. After being tagged in the spouse challenge, the person tagged can then nominate others for the 7-day challenge. Many people find the challenge to be a good reminder of their love for their spouse, but others find the concept a little nauseating, like Stapleton resident Chad Murphy. “People already do cheesy crap by posting things like, ‘happy birthday to the greatest wife ever,’” said Murphy. “Well, you live with her. Maybe give her a card instead of posting it on Facebook.” Murphy despises all sentimental thoughts couples share with each other through their computers. “People are always going over the top about being married to the best wife ever, best mom ever, best dad ever, and so on. Save something for their documentary, or maybe send them a private note letting them know you appreciate how fantastic they are. It’s just really, really showy when people publicly proclaim their love for a significant other.” Although Murphy was tagged in the Love Your Spouse Challenge, he declined to participate. He did, however, start his own challenge. “I decided I wanted to make a challenge more realistic and relatable,” said Murphy. “A lot of people love their spouse, but no one wants to hear about that. Marriage and relationships are really hard, and people want to know we are all in this together. So, let’s share the things that annoy us about our spouse, and we can all feel good about our relationships instead of wondering, ‘does Shelly love Tom more than Kelly loves me?’” On the first day, Murphy posted a picture of the indoor garbage bin open with a full garbage bag, which he exclaimed, “is her way of letting me know, ‘this is full, but you need to be the one to tie it up, take it out, and put in a new bag.’” The second day he posted a picture of an empty gas tank with the caption, “anytime we are taking her car somewhere, that’s when she needs to get gas. Can’t she run errands without all of us in the car?” The third day he posted a snip of the daily weather forecast saying, “she always asks me if what she is wearing is weather-appropriate, as if I either won’t let her go outside to check the weather, or she is unable to use the internet to get the forecast.” As of this publication, Murphy was only through day three, but said seven days wouldn’t be a problem. When Murphy’s wife Kelly found out about the challenge and her husband’s posts, she jumped in on the challenge as well. On Kelly’s first day, she posted a photo of the sink Murphy uses with toothpaste and facial hair in it, commenting, “Is it really that hard to rinse out a sink after you use it?” Kelly and Chad are having fun with the challenge and say that it will actually bring them closer together. “Humor is what got us into this thing in the first place,” said Kelly. “We have been through a lot, and I doubt a few reminders of the things we already know annoy each other will hurt us. In fact, who knows, maybe one of us will make one of these small changes.” I wouldn’t count on it. But remember, we’re all in this together. ]]>

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