Venue Hosting Concerts Since 2008 to Continue to Host Concerts

concerts at dicksResidents in the new Stapleton neighborhoods purchased their homes long after Dick’s Sporting Goods Park held its first concerts. Some who moved into the area believed things would change after they moved in. “I guess I knew there was a giant stadium that hosted events a couple miles from my house,” said Wicker Park resident Jennifer Meehan. “But, I expected that to change after we moved in. We were also told by the builder the noise wasn’t bad and all the concerts were done by 10PM, and they had no reason to lie to us.” Other residents in the area are also disappointed in the noise coming from Dick’s during concerts. “It turns out, concerts can sometimes be really loud,” said Willow Park East resident Jim Hayes. “I guess I thought it would be a lot of acoustic stuff, or unplugged gigs. But, it seems these concerts are using amplifiers, drums, bass guitar, the whole shebang.” Unbelievably, a spokesman for Dick’s says they plan to continue to host concerts, despite residents moving into the area nine years after they began hosting events. “We absolutely want to be good neighbors,” said spokesperson Nancy Wolf. “But, we had a long term plan for how we would use the area, and concerts and music events were a part of that long before housing was beginning to be built over there. We definitely are not trying to be disruptive, but we have to stick with our long term plans and goals as well.” Resident Megan Walker doesn’t see things the same way. “As soon as homes began being built in North Stapleton, Dick’s should have begun rethinking their strategies,” said Walker. “Cities need to always look after their homeowners, especially a Stapleton homeowner. I think things will end up being changed over there. Stapleton residents will mobilize and shut down or at least curb the concerts at Dick’s.” Some residents in the area aren’t bothered by the concerts. “I enjoy the free concerts,” said resident Colleen Hansen. “We knew when we moved over here from Eastbridge there would be concert noise on occasion. It’s really not a big deal. Plus, we didn’t like being next to the jail in Eastbridge, but we couldn’t tell the jail to move. A lot of people don’t like living next to Aurora, but can we move the city over? You kind of have to know what you are getting into and take the good with the bad. It’s just loud music.” North Stapleton residents are beginning a movement to quiet the noise. “These bands have other options,” said Hayes. “They could listen through wireless headphones, the concerts could be done by 9PM, and only be held on Fridays. So, these are the kinds of things we are looking for. Compromise. That’s all we ask.” The noise from Stapleton residents complaining about Dick’s is expected to quickly become louder than any concert being held there. ]]>

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