Great Debate: What Makes a Real Stapletonian; Length of Residency or Affluence?

Quietly, a conversation has started all across Stapleton in regards to what makes someone a true Stapletonian. Inevitably, the discussion centers around how long someone has lived in Stapleton versus how much money they have. Those on the side of residency have compelling arguments. “True Stapletonians are the ones who were the pioneers long before Stapleton was hip,” said longtime resident Scott Hanson. “We moved here knowing we had to be patient and wait for the trees to grow, the parks to take hold, and restaurants to stay in business more than three months. We had to endure all the stepford and Pleasantville jokes. So, yeah, we are the real Stapletonians.” Annie Meehan agrees. “It doesn’t take any sense of adventure to move here now,” says Meehan. “You just need to have a fat wallet. When we moved here, we had to have faith that things were going to work out with schools and local businesses. There was no ‘train to the plane,’ there was a crappy bus and the old airport parking lot. Heck, we didn’t even know what they were going to do with that tower. There was a time when people wanted to blow that thing up.” Resident Mark White has lived in Stapleton for less than a year, and although he feels length of residency has merit, wealth is what makes someone a real Stapletonian. “I’m not knocking on people who have lived here a long time,” said White. “I think it is great, and they have done a great job helping move things forward. I just feel that what Stapleton is really about is money. Lots of people with a pretty good amount of money. And look, I know some of those people who have been here forever have decent money, but they moved in when the market was low or when banks were giving loans away before the financial collapse. Now, if you want to move to Stapleton, you have to have the money to do it. So, anyone who moves here now, they have to have money, so you know they are a real Stapletonian.” Melissa Victoria, resident only since 2014, tends to agree with Mark. “I definitely see some of these early Stapleton settlers,” said Victoria. “And they drive cars as old as their homes. And that’s not what Stapleton is about. It’s about perceived appearances. Your new car, how great your kids are…at everything, how great things are in your marriage, etc., etc. Some of these original residents just don’t get it. They need to run in the right circles, wear the right clothes, go to the right parties.” It seems the dispute will continue on for a while. Residents on both sides of the discussion say they will always be respectful to their fellow Stapletonians. Just a little more respectful to the ones they consider “real” Stapletonians.]]>

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