Overcrowded Pools Cause Stapleton Resident to Build Above Ground Pool

Stapleton has six pools for the now 10 neighborhoods with more neighborhoods to come. The pools are starting to get crowded with roughly 30,000 residents. “Sometimes the pool hours seem too short, or the season does, or they close prematurely due to weather,” said Stapleton resident Randy Keating. “Our kids really love going to the pool. It seems we are always dealing with adult swim, or swim lessons, or other issues. Just seems like going to one of the Stapleton pools never works out like we thought it would. I want my kids to be able to have fun in a pool whenever they want. So, as a family, we decided to make an investment.” The Keating family ultimately decided to turn their entire backyard into an above ground pool. “We made sure it was okay with the MCA, and as soon as we got the green light, we had contractors come in and start the project,” said Keating. “We knew we wouldn’t get a ton of time in it by the time they got it done, but at least we can give it a test run and figure things out for next summer. Heck, the Keating Pool may stay open until October and open in May. Our rules now.” Nearby neighbors aren’t so excited about the Keating purchase. “Where do I start,” asked block neighbor Susanna Jones. “It’s a hazard to any young kids, there are no on-duty lifeguards, could be too noisy early or late, and it will end up attracting dozens of tweens and teens. So, no, most of us do not like it.” Other neighbors agree with Jones. “It’s ridiculous,” says Lauren Harves. “There are plenty of pools in Stapleton, and I’m sure more are coming. Are they that lazy they can’t ride bikes to a pool less than two miles away in any direction. Wish there was something we could have done to change their minds.” For the Keatings’ part, they are keeping an open door policy. “We certainly want our neighbors to come over and enjoy our pool with us,” said Keating. “Of course, some more than others, but anyone is welcome. Just bring some drinks and a positive attitude.” Keating could soon be getting plenty of attitude. I’m positive on that.]]>

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