Alarming Number of Stapleton Kids Receiving Vaccinations

A Front Porch article recently alerted residents to a frightening situation. Stapleton children are receiving vaccinations at an extremely high rate, and that rate reportedly continues to go up. In fact, less than five percent of Northeast Denver parents at 17 of the 18 area schools requested exemption. From a medical standpoint, this can pose all sorts of dangers. First and foremost, many vaccinations are done with needles, which cause discomfort. Many young kids never fully recover from the trauma of a visit to the doctor’s office where they receive a few uncomfortable shots. Dr. of nothing, Mark Hendricks explains. “It doesn’t take a medical degree to understand the terrible psychological long-term torture that visit could have on a child (it does),” said Hendricks. “Some kids can even experience soreness in legs or arms where the shot was given, and may even develop a slight fever. Why are we doing this to our kids?” Hendricks is especially concerned with the diseases these children are now extremely unlikely to get. “These kids will basically grow up without the chance of getting such deadly diseases as polio, measles, mumps, tetanus, and even chickenpox. We are really hurting these kids futures.” Hendricks of course understands other dangers of receiving these vaccinations. “The mercury in these vaccinations is extremely high and lethal,” said Hendricks. “Sure, if I wanted my kids to become autistic, I would vaccinate them. But, I don’t, so I stay away from these dangerous vaccinations. Plus, in the end, it’s better for our immune systems to fight these diseases off so our systems become stronger.” Hendricks is hoping to talk with the schools, MCA, SUN and local doctors to make sure everyone has their facts straight. “Look, there are all sorts of myths on how vaccinations can be good for you,” said Hendricks. “But we need to be discussing the facts, and how harmful these vaccinations can be. We need to stop reading crazy claims on the internet, and start thinking about the kids.” More facts on how vaccinations can be harmful to your child can be found on unreliable sources all over the internet. Editor’s Note:  For the love of Pete, VACCINATE your kids.  It’s not a conspiracy.  It’s a public health issue.  ]]>

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