Eastbridge Poised to go from Outhouse to Penthouse

As the Stapleton neighborhoods developed, Eastbridge was poised to become the crème de la crème of the Stapleton boroughs. There would be a town center on MLK and Havana, an elementary school on the corner of Iola and 26th, and a huge open space park along 26th Ave. But then, something happened, or really, nothing happened. None of these projects got off the ground. The town center was stalled by the inability to solidify a grocery store, the proposed school would be relocated to Bluff Lake, and a lack of funds delayed the development of the 26th Ave. Park. This left Eastbridge in turmoil. “What we thought our neighborhood was going to be, it wasn’t even close to,” said Eastbridge resident Tom Miller. “We bought in this neighborhood based on what we were told was going to be here. We felt really deceived.” As did other Eastbridge residents. “When we were purchasing our home, they told us that the town center was coming very soon,” said Annie Gregory. “But, here we are, a decade later, and no completed town center.” All of the uncertainty and through streets heading straight into Aurora caused Eastbridge to quickly become the least desirable of the Stapleton boroughs. In fact, many of its residents flooded to more desirable neighborhoods such as Bluff Lake and Conservatory Green. “We definitely considered moving,” said resident Kristi Mcfarlane. “All these great developments were popping up, and here we were stuck in Eastbridge. We ultimately decided to wait it out.” McFarlane and other residents were not rewarded for their patience, however. As things slowly began to change, Eastbridge became a construction zone. “We would see the construction every day, and it inconvenienced normal driving and bike riding routes,” said McFarlane. “But, that’s what has to happen to get change. It wasn’t going to be built overnight, so we just had to endure it.” Now, Eastbridge residents are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The buildings in the town center are beginning to take shape, and Stanley is really starting to come together. “It looks like Eastbridge is going to be alright after all,” said Miller. “It’s actually really exciting. We will have all these great things in the town center, and then Stanley is going to be really, really cool. Then, a boatload of more green space right in the area. I think Eastbridge is back on the map.” Many residents feel it’s more than back on the map, but back to the place people want to be. “Eastbridge is poised to become the destination borough with all the cool stuff going on,” said Gregory. “People from all over Denver will soon be coming to Stapleton, and they’ll be heading to the hip Eastbridge neighborhood.” And it only took ten years. Look out rest of Stapleton. Here comes the revived Eastbridge.]]>

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