Family Celebrates Final In-Home Birthday Party

Maya Addison turned six last week, and her family threw a big birthday party for her at her home. Almost 20 little kids came to the Disney-themed party, and there were lots of balloons, cake, decorations, music, party favors, and anything else you can think of. Although everything went well, Maya’s mom Karen decided this would be the final birthday party thrown in their home. “That’s it,” said Karen. “We are done having birthday parties in this house. Too many kids, too many messes, too much stuff. Moving forward, we will be having destination birthday parties like everyone else does when their kids get to be this age.” Karen says that although it seems like you save money by not renting a facility, there really isn’t that much of a savings if at all. “After buying all the theme stuff and decorations, you might as well have just had it at a pool, the Bladium, or a trampoline park or something,” said Karen. “Plus, you’re not in charge of the cleanup. In hindsight, that really would have been the way to go.” Karen admits she will miss throwing birthday parties in the house. “More than anything, it’s a sign the kids are getting older,” said Karen. “It used to be so fun when you could just have your friends come over and one or two of their little friends to celebrate those early birthdays. Now, they have school, sports, and other activities, and you don’t want to leave kids out. So, you end up inviting all these kids. It’s just too many to have in a house.” Karen says she is already reviewing options for next year’s party. “Really, it just has to be somewhere else. Anywhere but our house.”]]>

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