Recent Crime Sign Stresses Urgency to Porch Pirates

Recently, the DPD placed signage in Stapleton on 26th Ave. in Eastbridge in an effort to curb thieves from stealing packages from Stapleton porches. The sign states, “prevent package theft, track your packages, pick up package ASAP.” This sign is a helpful reminder to Stapleton residents to make sure they don’t leave packages unattended for too long. The sign also serves as a warning to thieves to make sure they get there right after the package is dropped off. “I totally understand what they are doing,” said resident Bobby Madison. “But to me, it seems pretty unnecessary. People are already doing the best they can to be vigilant and make sure they have neighbors grab packages or get them quickly themselves. It ends up feeling like a reminder to the criminals that there are packages to be had and to act fast on them.” Lisa Christin agrees. “Residents are starting to get wise to porch thieves,” said Christin. “I just don’t like the sign because it continues to make our neighborhood look like a tacky hotbed of crime.” From DPD’s perspective, it helps add another presence for the police force. “We can’t just have 10 troopers driving around Stapleton at all times,” said police spokesperson Aaron McClelland. “It’s the best way we can remind residents to be aware of what is going on, and make appropriate plans so people don’t continue to fall victim to petty crime. Come on, people, work with us here.” As usual, the DPD will evaluate the effectiveness of the signage after analyzing crime report data.]]>

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