Test Confirms Stapleton Child Completely Deaf While Watching TV

Stapleton five year old Ella Hoffman recently underwent a hearing test at the request of her parents, Michael and Linda. Unfortunately for the Hoffmans, the results were devastating. “We knew something was wrong,” said Linda. “We would talk and talk to her, and it was clear she didn’t hear us. We knew we had to take her in for testing.” That’s when the Hoffmans found out that their daughter was completely deaf, when she was watching television. “It was really hard on us at first,” said Michael. “I mean to find out your daughter, your little girl has no hearing, in any circumstance is just really hard. Really hard.” The doctors at Stapleton Pediatrics performed several different hearing tests on Ella, including ones where she was watching TV, and when she was not watching TV. “The good news for Ella is that if she is not watching TV, she can hear completely fine,” said Dr. Clark. “It’s just in the specific instances of watching television where she has trouble hearing. Well, not just trouble, she essentially has no hearing at all.” The Hoffmans are already looking into what can be done to correct the issue. “There are some different things out there that are being tested,” said Linda. “Things like pausing the TV to talk to them or turning off the TV altogether when trying to communicate with these special children. It’s all experimental at this point, and sometimes the kids have a negative reaction to these treatments. We are willing to try anything, however.” Dr. Clark says that “TV Deafness” occurs in about one of every five children, but cases seem to be going up. “We don’t completely understand why yet,” says Clark. “There are all sorts of studies trying to combat the issue, and some scientists believe it could be solved within the next two decades.” Clark says many children do grow out of it, but some never do. “The key is getting it diagnosed early. Once we know a child has it, we can begin prescribing behaviors which may help.” Clark recommends all children be tested early for “TV Deafness.” ]]>

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