Guardian Angels Coming to Stapleton

After a rash of recent incidents in Stapleton, the Stapleton Principal HOA along with help from SUN and the Denver Police Department has convinced the Guardian Angels their presence is needed here. “The Denver Police Department simply isn’t big enough to patrol our neighborhood as consistently as it needs to be patrolled,” said Stapleton Principal HOA President Paul Harris. “We have an epidemic. And we need to put an end to it. We contacted the vigilante group the Guardian Angels. Luckily, they had nothing going on, so they have agreed to begin patrolling our streets and alleys.” According to Wikipedia, the Guardian Angels are, “a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime-prevention patrollers.” The group focuses on staving off violent crime, which is just what Stapleton needs. “I think it is great that they are coming to Stapleton,” said resident Mariel Young. “We need whatever support we can get, even if it is some extra eyes around.” Nick Davis agrees. “This is definitely a great thing for Stapleton,” said Davis. “There is always going to be issues, but if their presence can cut that down even 20% it’s a win for us.” The group plans to begin its presence by mid-October. “We plan to have a presence in Stapleton soon, and for sure will be around during their crazy Halloween time,” said Guardian Angels spokesperson Mike Chase. “We want to do whatever we can do to make that great neighborhood feel safe again.” Not all Stapleton residents are looking forward to the Guardian Angels coming, however. “I think they’re kind of cheesy,” said resident Luke Glynn. “I think they’re supposed to be tough guys, but they never look that tough to me. I say we just have those crossfit chicks do the job, and do it right.” Jenn Knight also is opposed to the Guardian Angel presence. “A lot of them seem more creepy than the actual criminals,” said Knight. “They’re the ones wearing the berets, right? Just kind of weird.” The Guardian Angels have agreed to let all Stapleton organizations know when they will be patrolling Stapleton simply so they aren’t reported as suspicious activity on the Stapleton sites. Sweet dreams, Stapletonians. Our angels are coming. ]]>

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