Aurora Resident Driving Through Stapleton Keeps Music at Reasonable Volume

Recently, a surprising event occurred on the Eastridge through-street Fulton. A driver on their way home to Aurora not only obeyed the stop signs and drove the speed limit, the driver also had their music on at a reasonable volume. According to eyewitness Eric Barnette, the 1990 something sedan drove on Fulton St obeying the traffic laws, and the music in the vehicle was barely audible. “They went slow enough where I should have been able to hear it more clearly,” said Barnette. “I thought something was strange, as normally cars driving through Stapleton to get to Aurora have the music cranked loud, and many times aren’t obeying the traffic laws. This guy seemed to be aware of his surroundings. It was quite remarkable.” Residents who heard of Barnette’s story were quite shocked. “I’ve lived here for six years,” said Amy Licko. “I have never heard of a non-resident driving through here without having the music completely cranked, often with the windows rolled down. Really is a rare, if not once in a lifetime, sighting.” Barnette isn’t thinking this is something that we will see again for quite a while. “It’s not even like a lunar eclipse,” said Barnette. “It’s like seeing a comet. It could happen again. But I’m not going to wait on my porch watching until it does.”]]>

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