Editor’s Halloween Warning: No Clowning Around

Recently, an odd craze of people dressing up as scary clowns has been sweeping the nation. And when I say sweeping, I mean it’s happening in very small numbers and in random occurrences. But, since coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is real (my sister has it), it seems to be getting much more attention than it should. Idiots seem to be jumping on the clown bandwagon, believing dressing up as a scary clown is not a big deal and no harm can be done. Maybe they’re right. Reports of clowns actually getting in physical altercations with people are extremely low in number, so it’s hardly a matter for homeland security. But, with the exaggerated nature of our 24 hour news cycle, people are now nervous about being attacked by a clown. And as Jules says, “…when I get nervous, I get scared. And when motherf#ckers get scared, that’s when mother#ckers accidentally get shot. But I don’t want that. And you don’t want that.” So, I guess the point is, maybe don’t dress up as a scary clown or encourage others to dress up as scary clowns. By next year, we can put this whole thing behind us and get back to dressing up as scary clowns again. Until then, stay safe, and don’t be a scary clown this Halloween.]]>

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